About The DIRTY 7 Artists

Dirty7logo_tm_square_72THE DIRTY SEVEN

Telegraphics is a design and advertising house affiliated with The Kubert School. Noteworthy of mention is that they produce a 64 page color comic book style training manual for the US Army every month. They are able to accomplish this amount of work, in that amount of time, because their team is a well oiled machine. So, inspired by Telegraphics I decided to create a well oiled story telling machine, known as The Dirty Seven, to creatively and efficiently tackle comic books and graphic novels.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that this gritty rag tag group of comic book artists are all graduates of The Kubert School, Dover, NJ. In addition, some have worked with Telegraphics, and three are currently instructing at the school.

The Dirty Seven creative assault team consists of:

Dirty7logo_tm_square_72smBob C. Hardin (“El Duhr”)http://www.slotcarthrillart.com/

Dirty7logo_tm_square_72smSian Mandrake (“Deadly Rainbow”)

Dirty7logo_tm_square_72smJustin Prokowich (“Scopes”)

Dirty7logo_tm_square_72smMax Fuchs (“Screws”) http://www.themaxfuchs.com/

Dirty7logo_tm_square_72smWesley St. Claire (“Street”)

Their current work in progress is a graphic novel penned by the dynamic writing genius Chuck Dixon. Appropriately, the story is a 70’s remake of the classic “The Magnificant Seven/ The Seven Samauri”, titled “SEVEN DEADLY SINNERS”And yes, they try and schedule Dirty 7 meetings around 7:00.

Work completed consists of pre-production pages and character turn around sheets, all in full color. In addition, we’ve currently got ninety three pages penciled with seventy of those inked(approx)! The next batch of script is being penciled. Check the blog page postings for additional completed work.

More posts, images, and progress to follow. Cheer’s to seven being our lucky number.

-El Duhr

  1. rick dibello

    can’t wait to see more, guys…looks promising!

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