Advertising parodies:

7DS_ad_MinkyuJung_Freedom 7DS_ad_TravisWalker_Lucky 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_ad_LoveHappensFarm 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_pg9_bw 7DS_MOHRad_1

Movie poster art:

7DS_filmposter_TKS_CPuglise 7DS_filmposter_TKS_MJung 7DS_filmposter_TKS_EWinters 7DS_filmposter_TKS_MWolfson 7DS_filmposter_TKS_VSolis 7DS_filmposter_TKS_BUglow 7DS_filmposter_TKS_RRobbins 7dsFINAL.psd 7DS_filmposter_TKS_IKnafo 7DS_filmposter_TKS_VLiu 7DS_filmposter_TKS_BVereen

Art by The Kubert School/Advertising Illustration II/2014-2015

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